Wood Carving Course

Chip Carving with Wood Bern Carvings

Bern Wood Carvings curso de talla en madera

The Chip Carving technique consists of carving geometric and organic patterns on wood, with 2 or 3 cuts with a special carving knife.


"I am Bernat and I carve unique pieces in wood using hand tools. Since 2015 I began to investigate the world of woodworking and it has led me to know and explore new techniques that have helped to develop my art. I have been fortunate enough to get to know extraordinary people with the same passion towards this art that have motivated me to keep learning."

Get to know more about Bernat in his Instagram account: @woodberncarvings



But I don't have any experience!

This course is designed for all people, no matter their previous experience.


What language will be taught in?

Catalan and/or Spanish. But Bernat speaks English and French too. Bernat also speaks English.


Is the carving knife included?

No, but you can buy it from Bernat and it comes sharp and ready to use.


Does he offer longer courses?

Yes! Bernat also offers other courses in his personal workshop. Find them in the calendar.

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