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Traditional Woodworking with Ricardo Graham Ferreira

Ricardo, known for his brand: oEbanista, visited us from Brazil to teach a unique introductory course on Traditional Woodworking.

Born in 1974 in Río de Janeiro, Brazil, Ricardo is an artisan and a designer specialized in Milano | IT and Avignon | FR. He has worked in the production of wood crafts since 2006, developing his work from his workshop in the mountainous region of Río.

His creations and productions are the result of a constant research process put together by a creative impulse in which the raw material: tropical solid wood, shares the spotlight with traditional woodworking techniques, accessories and unique finishes.

The work that was initially bespoke for specific clients took new directions when some of his pieces such as the Sela Stool and the 3-foot chair started gaining attention in recognized national and international events, awards and publications.

In 2018, his iconic Sela Stool was produced and distributed worldwide by the Danish firm PP Mobler.

Ricardo was the special guest of Barcelona Wood Workshops for the first workshop of 2020.

Curso introducción a la ebanistería
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