Make a stool

Professional woodworking with Jorge Centurión

16th to 20th of November

After Work hours from 6pm to 9pm

Jorge Centurión, woodworker and designer specialized in the manufacture of furniture and objects, presents his new course of manufacturing with the use of jigs.

Jigs are an essential part of woodworking and consists of a series of accessories that convert tools and machinery into specialized tools for specific tasks, facilitating our work throughout the making process, from precise and repeated marking, to the machining of complex parts and the assembly.

Whether series-producing or making one-of-a-kind objects, Jigs are necessary to get the most out of our machines and take our manufacturing methodology to the next level.

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"Curious, obsessive, meticulous and dedicated to the manufacture of furniture and objects made with my hands. That's me.

As a child I made my own toys, I inherited skills from my plumber father, and acquired others with practice and work.

I spent 18 years working with vinyl labels and most of that time I was the unseen working hands but my dedication was always recognized by seeing my work. Later, I outgrew that line of work and decided to dedicate myself completely to my passion. So I trained in woodworking and cabinetmaking, but I do things the way I like to, that is, I take the techniques that I learned beyond the traditional.

Now I make products where I can take care of every detail. And I feel the excitement of that child making his toys, now for others, but always without stopping to grow and learn ... "

Curso de carpintería Barcelona Taburete

Duration: 15 hours

Capacity: Maximum 4 people

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 6pm to 9pm

You will make a round base wooden stool with three conical and tapered legs, designed specially for this course and made with hardwood.

We will use different machinery with specially made Jigs for the processing of each part. You will learn about safety, wood selection; And Jig design, characteristics and different uses.

At the end of the course you will not only have learned an essential methodology for manufacturing with Jigs, you will also take home a beautiful piece of design full of details to show off with family and friends!

Curso carpintería Taburete

Includes everything you need

Wood and tools to use during the class.

Supplies and extras.

Price: 320€


We have received a large number of pre-registrations for the first date, so we will reserve the spots in order of registration.

To join the list, fill out the form and we will send you all the details for reserving your spot.



But I don't have any experience!

This course is designed for both beginners or people who simply want to witness the manufacturing methods of a woodworking and take home a quality object, but it is also designed for people with some experience who want to expand their working knowledge with machines and process optimization.


What language will be taught in?

The course will be given in Spanish, although Jorge also speaks English and understands Catalan.


Will you offer this course again soon?

Yes. We don't know when.

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