Portable Bench Vice by Casa de la Fusta

The Portable Bench Vice is an ideal tool for those who do not have a workbench with a built-in vice and clamping possibilities.

Holding pieces of wood of different sizes to be able to work them is essential for our trade, the Mini Portable Bench offers a functional and aesthetic solution.

It is made of beech wood and has a total weight of 11kg.

The vice has a maximum opening of 120mm and a work surface of 420mm by 370mm and 105mm in height. The jaw has a groove to attach the special accessory that holds pieces at an angle.


Includes two (2) PIHER clamps of 150mm opening to hold it to any surface with a maximum width of 130mm.

The surface has standard 19mm holes for using regular bench dogs and the PIHER Mini Quick-T-track clamps.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 15 cm
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